Our Mission

Finding the Next Zuck 

Our mission is to find the next Mark Zuckerberg before Accel and the next Evan Spiegel before Lightspeed. 
Many of the world’s most transformative companies – including Google, Facebook, and Apple – have been founded by students, recent alumni, or recent dropouts of just a handful of universities. At StartU, we have built a network of 64 campus leads and scouts who are graduate and undergraduate students at those universities to find and feature content on these startups – before anyone else discovers them. 
Our team operates at 12 top universities, including Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. In addition to finding the next Zuck, we are cultivating a community of students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and venture capital. The strength of this community extends beyond the college or graduate school years – and we look forward to many of our team members building, advising, or investing in the most transformative companies in the years to come.